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Roll out your Yoga Mat and join me in Derbyshire's 1st Equestrian Yoga Class
Hi, I'm Laura a qualified Yoga Teacher and experienced Horse Rider who has combined her two lifelong passions to form a business that fills me with joy everyday. Using my yoga workouts Infinity Yoga helps horse riders of all levels to improve their riding skills and to enhance their emotional well-being.
I also teach Hatha 'Yoga for Beginners' and offer 'One 2 One' yoga with me.
Yoga can help us all

The power to calm the mind and strengthen the body

The key components of yoga include postures, meditation, relaxation and breathing exercises. Breath is thought of as the guide in all areas of yoga. Yoga helps bring more awareness to the breath which has both physical and psychological benefits. When we are stressed we often hold or shorten our breathing or breathe in a short, stilted manner. Being able to continue to inhale and exhale calmly and deeply throughout life is a tremendous stress reliever.

Come and Join Us

Please join me on a journey of self-improvement

What my Yoga Class clients say...


Great Equestrian Yoga Class, Laura instructs proper positioning and works within your body's capabilities. I highly recommend!!

Cath Thefat, Equestrian Yoga Client

Laura is a wonderful yoga teacher. Her equestrian yoga class has changed the relationship I have with my body & my horse!

Donna Wakeman, Equestrian Yoga Client

I would like to say how much I enjoy my yoga at Infinity Yoga with Laura. Always very welcoming and a lovely friendly atmosphere!

Sarah Castles, Equestrian Yoga Client